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A Unique Eco Resort in Munduk, North Bali


Retreat and revitalise your energy

Puri Lumbung – a unique eco-resort honoring traditional Balinese culture, environment, sustainable ecotourism, healing, wellness, architecture, design, arts, farming and cuisine.

Puri Lumbung, meaning ‘rice barn palace’, is an eco-resort set in a stunning location high in the cool, fresh and clean mountain air of Munduk in North Bali, with spectacular views of dramatic mountain peaks, rice fields, lush green valleys, clove plantations and the coastline of the Java Sea in the distance.

Experience a different kind of Balinese beauty, away from the heat. Surrounded by nature at its finest, Puri Lumbung offers a peaceful, relaxing, rejuvenating experience, whilst allowing you to be as adventurous as you like.

The Amenities

Providing hospitality the best way

Escape to the luxury this summer

Join us to experience this magical retreat in the most desired tourist destination in Bali.

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