Retreat and revitalise your energy

Puri Lumbung – a unique eco-resort honoring traditional Balinese culture, environment, sustainable ecotourism, healing, wellness, architecture, design, arts, farming and cuisine.

Puri Lumbung, meaning ‘rice barn palace’, is an eco-resort set in a stunning location high in the cool, fresh and clean mountain air of Munduk in North Bali, with spectacular views of dramatic mountain peaks, rice fields, lush green valleys, clove plantations and the coastline of the Java Sea in the distance.

Experience a different kind of Balinese beauty, away from the heat. Surrounded by nature at its finest, Puri Lumbung offers a peaceful, relaxing, rejuvenating experience, whilst allowing you to be as adventurous as you like.

Relax and take in the view from one of the ‘rice barn palaces’ – 80 year old rice barns which have been converted into lovely cottages, or one of the luxurious villas scattered along the mountainside.

Rejuvenate with traditional healing and wellness treatments at our on-site Arathi Spa & Ayurvedic Munduk Bali.

Choose from one of our special 3 or 4 day Puri Lumbung Packages for a complete program of activities, or create your own experience.

Take one of our traditional Balinese classes including cooking, making offerings, weaving, crafts, herbal medicine, bamboo instrument making or take a Balinese or Indonesian language class.

Trek and hike through vivid green rice fields, waterfalls, fertile plantations, along mountainsides and through traditional villages, with one of our English speaking guides.

Rent a mountain bike and explore the glorious natural scenery of Munduk and our surrounding villages.

Watch the sun set over the mountain tops with a cocktail or herbal tea in hand at the Sunset Courtyard.

Practice yoga and meditation in peaceful surrounds or join one of the many yoga retreats visiting regularly.

Feast on traditional Balinese and Indonesian delights or try our vegetarian and Western offerings at our wonderful Warung Kopi Bali Restaurant & Artist Bar.

Bring a group and use one of our meeting halls and rooms for retreats, events, seminars, workshops and conferences.

Puri Lumbung is a wonderful place of healing, rejuvenating, retreat and relaxation, adventure and fun for the whole family to enjoy.



The History of Puri Lumbung

The ‘lumbung’ or rice granary is part of Bali’s unique cultural heritage. Traditionally used to store rice under the protection of the goddess Dewi Sri, lumbungs are now seldom used because farming techniques have changed.

We discovered several disused lumbungs averaging 80 years old, and with minor adjustments adapted them into simple but charming accommodation. Of course we held a special ritual to transfer Dewi Sri back to the rice fields, so her gentle energy remains.

Puri Lumbung is set in the cool mountain air where fans and air con are unnecessary. Our compound is designed in the traditional Balinese manner modeled on the sacred human form with shrines at the head, guest accommodation at the heart and other facilities at the foot.

The first of its kind in Bali, Puri Lumbung is more than a hotel – it is an eco-tourism project dedicated to the discovery, conservation and enhancement of the unspoiled area around Munduk. The people of Munduk Village are involved as much as possible in caring for our guests. We not only provide employment, but engage them in activities that maintain the tropical rain forest and preserve water. We also encourage the young villagers to keep their cultural heritage alive with traditional dance, music and crafts.