Bali Mountain Bike
The Munduk region offers many attractive bicycle tours, for all skills levels – from beginners to experienced bikers looking for a challenge. The following list is a selection of the most enjoyable tracks. The tours containing single trail sections should only be ridden by people who already have mountain biking experience
The Ancient Village to Banjar (Hot Springs) tour is the easiest.
The Gobleg and Red Coral Trail contains steep and long uphill climbs, so good fitness is required.
The Tropical Fruit Tour is moderate, but also includes one steep climb.
Single trails are narrow, unpaved pathways which can feature rocks and roads. For beginners looking for great views and nature experience we recommend the Ancient Village to Banjar (Hot Springs), Tropical Fruit Tour and Pyramid-Trail rides.
Confidence on the bicycle is required for all tours, as they contain fast sections, descending steep roads, negotiating street dogs and traffic.

  • Tropical Fruit Tour
    The tour starts at Puri Lumbung and leads you on paved streets to Banyuatis, from there you descend into a beautiful valley and cross the river Tukad Panas.
    After that, a short but steep climb to the village Bengkel village is challenging your endurance. From Bengkel you follow a scenic road that leads you through picturesque rice fields and tropical flora to Busungbiyu, where you will see several seasonal fruit vendors on the road side, and after that to Mayong. From Mayong you start to climb your way back to Munduk, the street is not very steep. Near Mayong you can visit the village Bestala, centre of the local Durian (in season only) production, and try the special taste of this delicious fruit, which is a favourite all over Asia. After a refreshing meal, you climb the rest of the scenic road that leads you back to Munduk, passing Tunju and Gunung Sari. You will see many temples and authentic impression of Balinese village life. This tour is on streets only. Shuttle back to Munduk is optional.
    Duration: 3-4 hours | Difficulty: Moderate with some short, steep climbs
  • Ancient Village to Banjar (Hot Springs)
    You will be shuttled up to the Tamblingan lake. Starting from there you pass the ancient villages such as Pedawa, where you can see how brown sugar is made out of palm juice, then Sidapa which famous for the bamboo handicraft centre. You can enjoy a long downhill stretch, passing various rice fields and other plantations, which ends in Banjar, where you can relax and take a bath in the Hot Springs which are beautifully located in the jungle. The road to Banjar features beautiful views of the Java Sea. The way back home leads you via Rangdu, Mayong and Gunung Sari to Munduk. This tour is on streets only. Shuttle back to Munduk is optional.
    Duration: 3-4 hours | Difficulty: Easy
  • The Pyramid-Trail
    From Puri Lumbung you will be shuttled to the Plastic Pyramid, the remains of an environmental project sponsored by the German Goethe Institute.
    The Pyramid consists of bricks made from melted plastic garbage, which was collected in the Munduk area. From there you pass the picturesque lake Tamblingan and proceed to the beautifully located village of Tamblingan . The bumpy road winds its way down to Gesing and features some stunning views. The road used to be asphalted, but now it is in bad condition but manageable with a mountain bike. In Gesing you can witness the biggest and oldest Banyan tree in Bali. From Gesing descend down through rice fields to the road which leads you back to Munduk.
    Duration: 2-3hours | Difficulty: Easy to moderate
  • Gobleg and Red Coral Trail
    From Puri Lumbung you descend a steep paved road till you leave Munduk Village. Enter the forest and ride a single trail with a few rocks and roots down to the village of Gobleg. From there you start to climb your way up on a very steep road to Asah Gobleg. After you have passed this little village, you turn right and follow a dirt road with scenic views of Munduk and its surrounding. This road turns into a single trail which leads you to the Tanah Barak Waterfall (Red Coral). From there you ride up steep climbs to the main road of Munduk, then to Puri Lumbung.
    Duration: 2.5 hours | Difficulty: Moderate with some single trail sections and very steep climbs
  • Short Course Batu Galih
    This short tour leads you some hundred meters up the road from Puri Lumbung, where you turn right to the Batu Galih Street, a bumpy road which turns into a sometimes steep trail leading through coffee plantations and crossing a little river. After that you climb your way back to Puri Lumbung.
    Duration: 1.5 hours | Difficulty: Easy to moderate with single trail sections

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