Pamper your body and mind in the privacy of Arathi Spa. Enjoy different styles of massage, body treatments as well as facial and hair cream bath. In the hands of our expert, professional therapist, you will emerge relaxed and revitalized.

Arathi also spelled Aarti, from the Sanskrit word is a Hindu religious ritual of worship, a part of Puja in Sanskrit. The word art – written as aarati – is composed of the prefix aa, meaning complete, and rati, meaning love. the Arathi is thus an expression of one’s complete and unflinching love toward highest being, awakens a deep sense of reverence, adoration, and meditative awareness.

Arathi Ayurvedic & Spa Munduk Bali, offers a range of healing and wellness treatments, using natural products, to enhance health and wellness. Whether you are looking for some rejuvenation after a day’s trekking or mountain biking, wanting to relax and pamper yourself, in  need of a healing massage, general wellness or you are recovering from a long flight or preparing for your journey home, Arathi Ayurvedic & Spa Munduk has a treatment to suit your needs. Our range of treatments include :                   



Signature Arathi Massage  –  (60 minutes full body massage, IDR 350,000) A balancing massage to release physical tension and stress. Combining traditional Balinese massage and Modern Body Work, this massage focused on the neck, shoulders and back, followed by a thorough foot massage and a warm aromatic flower soak for your feet.

Balinese Massage (60 minutes full body massage, IDR 300,000) Traditional Balinese massage combines “urut” techniques acupressure and palm pressure methods. An invigorating way to treat jet-lag and release muscle tensions.

Butterfly Massage – (60 minutes full body massage, IDR 275,000) Inspired by the beautiful movement of a butterfly, this gentle massage will calm your senses. Experience the combination of Swedish and Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage techniques with the soothing scents of applied essential oils.

Aromatherapy Massage – (90 minutes full body massage, IDR 450,000) This full body massage combines herbal and floral essential oils, focusing on the nervous, lymphatic and circulation systems. This massage releases anxiety and rejuvenates your all over well-being.

4 Magic Hands Massage – (60 minutes full body massage, IDR 450,000) This full body massage is conducted by 2 therapists in synchronized movements, balancing your mind, body and emotions. It is a unique combination of acupressure (marma technique) from India and the ” urut” technique from Bali . Get relief from anxiety, fatigue, and promote circulatory wellness.

Head and Face Massage – (45 minutes full body massage, IDR 200,000) This treatment concentrates on the head and face to reduce tension and stress. By using special herbal oils, our therapist will gently massage your head and face to stimulate the blood circulation and help release stress, headaches, migraines, and even gastronomy problems. Give yourself at least 60 minutes after a meal before you have your treatment.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage – (45 minutes massage, IDR 200,000) Release the tension in your neck, lower and upper back areas with a focused massage. It is a combination of acupressure, traditional Balinese  “urut” techniques and palm pressure methods.

Foot and Hand Massage – (45 minutes massage, IDR 200,000) Based on the understanding that the feet are an intrinsic part of our body’s function, our reflexology and acupressure techniques will lead to instant relief of tension and pain. This massage will also restore the balance in the flow of energy as well as improve overall circulation. A mixture of herbal essential oils is applied during the massage. 



Translated from Sanskrit as the “Science of Life” Ayurveda was mentioned at the Upaveda of the Atharva Veda, the fourth Veda. It is described as science of healing.

The basic philosophy of Ayurveda is based on the Panca Maha Bhuta (five element of nature theory). The universe as well as the human body is made up of five elements, namely Akasha (Space), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Ether (Water), and Prthvi ( Earth). These elements combine to form controlling forces or biological humours called “Dosha“.

These Dosha are responsible for sustaining the living body in its normal state, and there are three types of the bio energy : Vata is a combination of air and ether, Pitta is the combination of water and fire, and Kapha is a combination of earth and water.

Each person is born with a basic constitution or genetic make-up called “Prakrti”. If there is changing nature or situation in the body during one’s life, imbalance will occurs. This imbalance in the body may become a disease or illness. However, everything is interrelated in this world, “the mind and the body”, “the person and the universe as well as the nature itself”, “the disease and the life style”. They support and depend on each other. The body has the power to heal itself by the support of  nature. Ayurvedic therapy is mainly based on herbs, plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables that help in bringing back the balance in our body.

These natural resources along with traditional Ayurvedic therapies, special diet lifestyles and yoga practices can cleanse the body and mind, and help in healing the body.

For over 5000 years, Ayurveda from India, the ancient science of living has addressed itself to the fundamental principle of good health and longevity. It has developed a tradition of Ayurvedic medicines and a system of treatment based on the inherent ability of the human body to rejuvenate, to heal and to restore its natural balance.

There are several kinds of Ayerveda massage as below :

Abhyanga Massage – (45 minutes full body massage, IDR 275,000) There is no greater expression of self-love than lovingly enjoying the treatment of anointing ourselves from head to toe with warm oil, this practice is called Abhyanga, a full body massage with mild pressure. The Abhyanga massage provides smoothness and improves luster of the skin. It gives stimulation to the nerves, improves vision and induces sound sleep. Abhyanga also gives passive exercise to the muscle thereby strengthening them. This gentle massage is very lovely and relaxed the body after a long journey.

Navarakizhi Massage – (60 minutes full body massage, IDR 350,000) Navarakizhi is a full body massage treatment using medicated rice milk porridge made into a poultice. The procedure in Navarakizhi is a two-step process, specially applied oil is first slathered all over the body and then the poultice is used to pound the body with extra focus where the nerve points reside. Navarakizhi, a nourishing and restorative treatment that will reduce emaciation of the muscle and build a better immune system. This massage is also effective for back pains and  nerve problem .

Pizhichil Massage – (60 minutes full body massage, IDR 350,000) Pizhichil treatment in Ayurveda is a combination of full body oil massage and heat treatment with 2 therapist. This therapy was mostly used by The King in the Golden days, and popularly known as treatment for aristocrats.

Pizhichil is the process by which the body is made to perspire by dripping the warm herbal oil all over the body with the right hand. Simultaneously gentle massage is done with left hand. The oil should flow in uniform stream from the thumb facing down wards from a height 12 to 20 cm, or as per condition of the disease patient.

Pizhichil treatment is very good for neuromuscular disorder, hemiplegia, paraplegia, peripheral, neuropathy and other degenerative conditions. This therapy is very good for a person who has rheumatological problems, arthritis, osteoarthritis and joint disorders.

Chruna Sweda Massage – (60 minutes full body massage, IDR 350,000) Churna means powder of herbs. Churna Swedha therapy performed with specially prepared bundles filled with powder of herbs. The heated poultices and bundles are applied gently in a synchronized manner over the body.

Churna Sweda is very effective for neuro muscular disorder such as : rheumatological, athritis and cervical spondylitis. It is a kind of fomentation that stimulates nerve endings, relaxes muscles and relieves pain.

Patra Pinda Sweda Massage – (60 minutes full body massage, IDR 350,000) Sweda means to perspire or to sweat. Patra Pinda Sweda therapy performed with specially prepared bundles filled with medicinal herbal leaves. The procedure is to cut the leaves and lemon into very small pieces and fry them with medicated oil and rock salt in a frying pan with proper heat. The mixture is then put into small piece of cloth and tied up into 2 bundles.

The bundles will be gently applied warm in synchronized manner to the skin which already smeared with warm herbal oil. To maintain its temperature, the bundles are intermittently kept warm by heating them on the frying pan. It is a kind of perspiring process where heat pressure and oil are applied simultaneously onto the body.



Balinese Lulur Body Spa – (120 minutes , IDR 500,000) The Balinese traditional body treatment starts with a body massage for overall soothing relaxation. A deep “lulur” body scrub using local herbs and rice powder not only brightens the skin as it cleanses, but also relieves fatigue and muscle tension, promoting healthy blood circulation throughout your body. The treatment finishes with a comforting warm bath infused with tropical flowers and essential oils, and lovely scented body milk upon completion of your bath, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed.

Arathi Exotic Body Spa – (120 minutes massage & bath, IDR 550,000) The exotic body spa treatment starts with a relaxing Arathi Massage to relieve tensions and stress in your body and mind. A deep “boreh” aromatic scrub made by local herbs is applied all over your body. After a comforting warm bath with various local spices your skin will be moisturized with natural body lotion.



Arathi Facial – (45 minutes face massage & mask, IDR 200,000) A facial massage and deep dermatological cleanse with a face mask for overall toning and beautification. Completed with moisturizing lotion to enhance your glow.

Head and Hair Spa – (45 minutes, IDR 275,000) This scalp massage and hair treatment begins with an overall cleansing and soothing shampoo, and the application of a special restorative cream through your hair. The treatment is combined with a head and shoulder massage and a towel steam bath on you hair. The finishing touch is the application of refreshing hair tonic to strengthen your roots and bring out the natural luster of your hair.


Spiritual Consultation – (IDR 630,000 / hour – By appointment with our spiritual consultant, appointment minimum of 2 days in advance) Consult your issues regarding health, business, astrology, lifestyle, etc. A private session can be arranged with our spiritualist. A pulse diagnosis will help you understand your health issue and the discussion may guide you toward finding more clarity and a better equilibrium.

All rate include 21% tax and service charge