ARATHI SPAArathi Spa offers a range of healing and wellness treatments, using natural products, to enhance health and wellness. Whether you are looking for some rejuvenation after a day’s trekking or mountain biking, wanting to relax and pamper yourself, in  need of a healing massage, general wellness or you are recovering from a long flight or preparing for your journey home, Arathi Spa has a treatment to suit your needs.

Our range of treatments include:


Signature Arathi Massage – One Hour of relaxation and healing concentrating on the neck, back and shoulders combining massage and warm foot bath

Traditional Balinese Massage – One hour of relaxation and healing, a great relief for jet lag and muscle tension.

Butterfly Massage – One hour massage inspired by the beautiful movement of a butterfly combining a range of massage techniques and essential oils. Creates  balance between your mind, body and spirit.

Aromatherapy Massage – 90 minute full body massage combining herbal and floral essential oils, focusing on the nervous, lymphatic and circulation systems. This massage releases anxiety and rejuvenates your all over well-being.

Four Hands Magic Massage – A one hour full body healing and wellness massage conducted by 2 therapists in synchronized movements. A unique combination of acupressure from India and traditional Balinese massage. Provides relief from anxiety, fatigue and promotes circulation.

Head and Face Massage – Reduces tension and stress using herbal oils to stimulate blood circulation. A wonderful relief from headaches, migraines and even gastric problems.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage – 45 minute massage to release tension in your neck, lower and upper back. Combination of acupressure, traditional Balinese techniques and palm pressure.

Foot and Hand Massage – 45 minutes focusing on the hands and feet using reflexology, acupressure and herbal essential oils. A healing massage bringing instant relief from tension and pain.

Body Treatments

Traditional Balinese Lulur Body Spa – 120 minutes of pure pampering for your health and well-being. Start with a warm Arathi whole body massage and a deep body scrub  using spices and rice flour. All of your skin is treated and cleansed, and later rinsed in a luscious, comporting warm bath with Balinese flowers, completed with the application of natural body lotion.

Arathi Exotic Body Spa – 120 minutes of healing massage and herbs beginning with an Arathi Massage, followed by a full body traditional Balinese herbal boreh aromatic scrub made from local herbs, a warm bath with local spices and finished with natural body lotion. A wonderful healing, relaxing experience.

Beauty Treatments

Arathi Facial – 45 minutes of facial massage, deep dermatological cleanse and face mask for overall toning and beauty. Moisturizing lotion enhances your natural glow.

Head and Hair Spa – 45 minutes of relaxation and cleansing beginning with an overall cleansing shampoo, the application of a special restorative cream through your hair, combined with a head and shoulder massage and a towel steam bath for your hair. Finished with the application of a refreshing hair tonic to strengthen your roots and bring out the natural luster of your hair.


Spiritual Consultation – One hour appointment with our Spiritual Consultant who can assist you with matters regarding health, business, astrology and lifestyle, among other things.