A Highlight in June 2017

Ngaben ceremony at Munduk Village

From 13 – 17 June 2017

The month of June is an important month for the Balinese Community in Munduk Village when  a big “Ngaben” ceremony will take place from 13 – 17 June, 2017. “Ngaben” is a sacred and important ceremony as it’s believed death is not the end of life, but beginning of a new better life. Therefore the deceased must be accompanied with prayers, sincerity and joy to set him / her free from the world ties. By “Ngaben” ceremony the family hopes that their loved ones will go to heaven and could reincarnate as a better person or even Moksha (united with God).


What is special about The “Ngaben” ceremony in June is not an individual ceremony for 1 deceased, but a “Mass Ngaben”, it will be a ceremony for 40 deceased.


In view that “Ngaben” ceremony need a lot of effort, money and time, so the process could be long. To ease the burden of the cost, effort and time since 1977, the Big Family of Gusti Celuk Tosning Arya Kepakisan in Munduk Village conduct a “Mass Ngaben” every 10 year. This ceremony happened on 1987, 1997, 2007 and now in June 2017.


This process (“Mass Ngaben”) the body or called “Layon” firstly goes thourgh a cremation ceremony and scattering the ash of the deceased to the sea and river, means returning the five elements of human body (water, heat, earth and ether) back to the universe. However the family will do special ceremony to keep the soul at Dalem Temple for a moment of time until the coming of big ceremony comes. This special ceremony called “Mekingsan Ring Geni”, a system of ‘depositing’ the deceased either in fire or by burial, to be invoked or exhumed later for the actual ritual “Ngaben”.


Here we are happy to share the planned program for Mass “Ngaben”  at Munduk Village in June :

  • Tuesday, 13 June 2017 – Preparation Ngaben Ceremony

This ceremony will be ongoing from morning until afternoon at Cemetery of Munduk Village, Dalem temple and Bale Banjar arena. It’s a preparation to begin the “Mass Ngaben” ceremony,  a guideline for the deceased,  to apologize for the behaviors committed by the deceased while still alive and purify the soul of the deceased that will become an ancestor. This ceremony also to purify all the material and tools for Ngaben.


  • Wednesday, 14 June 2017 – Rest time

There will be no ceremony as the family will have a rest for one day to prepare for the ceremony tomorrow. However if our guests like to visit the family, they can visit them at Bale Banjar Arena, Munduk Village.


  • Thursday, 15 June 2017 – Medeeng

This is the peak of the Ngaben Ceremony mark with a big parade of youngsters and children in their best clothes march from The Dalem Temple to the Panti Temple (family temple) at Munduk Village. At Panti Temple the family of the deceased makes offerings of food, clothing and others to be presented as gifts for their ancestor. The famous parade named “Madeeng” is a picture of the Gods and angels ushering the departure of the deceased to Nirvana.

 Please observe and join this beautiful ceremony and do not forget to take pictures for memory


  • Friday, 16 June 2017 – Nyekah Ceremony

“Nyekah” is a kind of ceremony to purify all the sin of the deceased life which come from their karma. There are 5 Karma which come from our past life, called Panca Karmendria, The Panca Karmendria consist of: Padendria (sin that coming from one’s path of life), Payundria (sin that coming from our food in life), Panendria (sin from our hand created), Upastenindia (sin from our sexual behavior), and Wakindriya (sin from our speech or our mouth). The ceremony to “erase” those sins named as “Nyekah” This ceremony will be held at Bale Banjar Arena, Munduk Village.

However, it doesn’t mean that one’s will be free from those sins after the ceremony, but it is actually the recap of one’s sin. And the result will ascertain that “Atman” or soul will reincarnate or not. This report itself we call it as “Karma Wasana”.


  • Saturday, 17 June 2017 – Nyegara Gunung

 Nyegara Gunung is actually a pilgrimage prayer of the all family. This Pilgrimage is held as a part of Nyekah ceremony, dedicated to purify and deify the spirit of a deceased after a cremation ceremony, so the spirit can reside in the household shrine. The Nyegara Gunung pilgrimage involves all the family members and relatives of the deceased. A special effigy for the soul of the deceased called sekah is carried by the family members during the journey. Why called Nyegara Gunung ceremony ? Because this ceremony is a sacred journey or pilgrimage made from the sea to the mountains. In addition to the sea, this ceremony can also be done to water sources such as rivers or lakes.

Puri Lumbung is very happy if all our distinguished guests can join and witness one of the ceremony or even to observe all the ceremonies. These all are very rare and sacred, only happen in 10 years. Usually the ceremony is ongoing from morning to evening and participated by Munduk community belonging to the Family of Gusti Celuk Tosning Arya Kepakisan at Munduk Village.

Please contact our Guests Assistant at the Lobby when you stay with us during the month of June 2017 or for further information please email to info@purilumbung.com